Friday, May 27, 2011


today's assignment is do an interview of company. so, my group members and me have not decided yet which company should we interview. the purpose is to know in details about that company in terms of their management, employees, competitors as well as their products. could you give a suggestion to me which company should be interview? it should be done exactly before friday next week. OMG! sempat ker? ops!

notatangan: ayat omputih yg tunggang langgang kan? semester ni blaja english aje. practice la kunun2. hihihi. peace!


  1. cik wawa: cik azman xtau kan? i geng dgn dak2 scholar babe. kalau dak2 pama mau je i gorengs2..hahaha..

  2. huhu..rugi ko xamik ngn ktrg ni..haha...

  3. practice make perfect dik ! :))

  4. Salam. moshi2..singgah jalan2 bw sini~
    Dah lama tak bw ni rindu pulak :)
    Visit dari frommetoyou
    Arigatou (^____^)

  5. hehehe..tenkiu semua!

    iela:this sem pn ok pe..sama je lecturer nyer..da siap da pown :p