Friday, May 14, 2010

::: moNeY??? :::

cOming BacK again after da lme gler x upDate dIz bLog..quieT bZ riTe nOw~
eRm...Tetibe cm terpikir,hOw to gaiN moRe mOneY since praktiKal da nk tamat neh..
cM oKai jeR kLu wat bIznes riTe..fOr a Long tIme pEriOd lor..
bOley x nK mnTak jAsa bAik kOrg sUggEst tO me wHat kInD oF bIsnEz ShoUlD i Run??hehe~
aT LeaSt leY mArkEt...dPt tUrN aRounD cApitAl pown jAdiKla..
so...sPe-sPe yG ada sUggEstiOns tue, pLz dO nOt heSitAtE to tElL mE..
i nEeD uR hELp..
gTg noW..dAaa~~

p/s:image copy from (thanks a lot~) 

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  1. aimi..kalo minat nak wat bisnes/extra income msg me at 013-6443975 (ainul) ;)