Monday, April 12, 2010

::: dEePLy iN LOVE :::

regards to the title,so do i la..
today me n him in good mood i think...
'he' sacrifice for me (i think lor) to stay 'here' with no reason...'dia' kata dia comfortable to stay 'here'..
ble dgr dia ckp cm2,2 things come into my mind...firstly,opcos terase susahkan dia..second,quiet happy la coz 'he' still here least,'he' make me happy..hehe..
and tonight,i  felt soooooooo happy and thus increase my L*** to him sbb dia sanggup bawak makanan dr umah dia..jmpe je dia td,ak nampak 'lamborgini' dia saangaat penuh dgn makanan+baju2 dlm bag+lappy..huhu..(da mcm nk pndh umah dh rupe..)
anyway,i just wrote here to thank 'him' very much & i'm happy to see him here.. 
(yg lain i will pm him..cannot explain here lol!)

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