Monday, June 28, 2010


 Hye! Welcome back to this page as I promise before..hehe
After adjust & labelling my pixcha,now I can post it here..
Basically,pixcha2 ni sume have been snap on my last day @ T**..
Xdela byk mne pon..just snap with the one that I never snap before..even with the maid..haha..
Last day moment....erm..we have a little farewell party @ McDonald Tmn Melati...
All expenses sponsored by company..Even kami (ME & SYIRA) x prnh contribute single cents pon kt staff fund...hahaha!
Yeah,@ McDonald,aku pn terpikir nk bli set Coke,dat glass akn ku ambil signature sorg2...utk kngn la kunun2...hik3~
Back to the office,snap2 pixcha with Serene Lioa & Soya(Maid)..
Both of them really2 help to reduce my tension yg gila babeng kt sne..Dua2 pn sporting abes..
Cuma,dua2 mengalami nsb yg sme...That one I dont want to story here..hehe..
Okai la...Here I'll put some of pixcha between me,Syira and the T** staff (only who applicable..hahaha) 

Me and Soya

Me and Serene Liao (Secretary)

Soya,Syira and Koo Chen Yong (still available)

My Coke Glass with T** staff signature

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